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Why is the roller broken?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-10-11

The causes of roller breakage are as follows:

1) Improper cooling of rolls. For example, cooling water is supplied too early and too quickly after closed water rolling is completed.

2) The roller is not installed correctly, resulting in uneven stress during operation.

3) Due to roll winding and wrong hole feeding, the rolling deformation of a plurality of strips is too large; Or the rolling temperature is too low, which increases the deformation resistance and the rolling force exceeds the strength pole of the roller.

4) The internal quality of the roll is not good, the original stress is not eliminated or there is a casting shrinkage cavity; The strength of the rolls is low in some places, resulting in stress concentration.

5) That groove of the roll is deep, the working diameter of the roll is too small, and the strength of the roll is insufficient

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