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industrial aluminum melting furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2024-06-05

The following furnaces are usually used to melt aluminum:

1. Reverberatory Furnace:

Hongteng aluminum shell induction melting furnace

– Commonly used for large-scale industrial aluminum melting.

– The furnace is heated by burning fuels such as natural gas and heavy oil, and then the heat is radiated to the aluminum material.

– Suitable for mass production, with high efficiency and good temperature control.

2. Electric Arc Furnace:

– Mainly used for the smelting of recycled aluminum.

– Aluminum is melted by generating high temperature through electric arc.

– High energy efficiency, but high equipment cost and maintenance cost.

3. Induction Furnace:

– Suitable for small and medium-sized aluminum smelting.

– Generate eddy currents through electromagnetic induction, so that the aluminum material is spontaneously heated and melted.

– Accurate temperature control and fast melting speed.

4. Crucible Furnace:

– Suitable for aluminum smelting in small scale or laboratory environment.

– Use gas, electricity or coke as heat source to indirectly melt aluminum material by heating the crucible. – Simple equipment and flexible operation.

The resistance furnace is one of the most commonly used furnaces for melting aluminum.

Its principle is to melt aluminum by heating the heating wire in the furnace. Compared with other furnaces, the resistance furnace has a fast heating speed, precise temperature control, and simple and convenient operation.

However, the resistance furnace also has some disadvantages, such as low impurity removal efficiency and the need to replace the heating wire regularly.

Different types of furnaces are suitable for different production scales and process requirements, and the selection needs to be decided according to the specific situation.

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