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5-Point maintenance method for induction heating furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-11-19

In the use process of induction heating furnace, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, it will often cause unnecessary troubles. The following is a brief analysis of several commonly used methods for maintaining intermediate frequency furnaces.

1. Regularly clean the dust in the power cabinet, especially the outside of the SCR die. It is necessary to wipe clean the inverter device in operation with alcohol, but the actual working environment is not ideal. In the smelting and forging process, the dust is very large and vibrates strongly; in the intermediate frequency furnace diathermic quenching process, the device is often close to the pickling and phosphating operation equipment, and there are more corrosive gases, which will damage the components of the device and reduce the device. The dielectric strength. When there is a lot of dust, the surface discharge phenomenon of the components often occurs, so it is necessary to pay attention to frequent cleaning work to prevent malfunctions.

2. Regularly check whether the water pipe joints are tightly tied. When using tap water well water as the cooling water source of the device, it is easy to accumulate scale and affect the cooling effect. When the plastic water pipe is aging and cracks occur, the intermediate frequency furnace device should be replaced in time. When running in summer, use tap water well water to cool, which is often prone to condensation. The circulating water system should be considered, and the operation should be stopped when the condensation is severe.

3. Regularly overhaul the device, check and tighten the bolts and nuts of each part of the equipment. For poor contact, all should be repaired and replaced in time, do not avoid strong use, to prevent greater accidents;

4. Regularly check whether the wiring of the load is in good condition and whether the insulation is reliable. The oxide scale accumulated in the diathermy induction coil should be cleaned up in time; when the insulating furnace lining has cracks, the intermediate frequency furnace should be replaced in time; after the smelting furnace is replaced with a new furnace lining, attention should be paid to check the insulation.

5. When the cooling water quality is poor, the key parts of the equipment need to be replaced or cleaned regularly. For example, if the water cooling jacket of the thyristor is cooled with a lot of scales, the cooling effect is not good and the thyristor is easily damaged.

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