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Advantages of Vacuum NdFeB Furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-08-25

This furnace is to degas 600kg of NdFeB raw material in vacuum or inert gas, melts it, tilts it through a crucible, and rapidly cools it on a water-cooled roller through a tundish to make it a production smelting equipment for manufacturing alloy flakes. The ɑ-Fe generation can be effectively reduced.

The second-generation vacuum smelting furnace of our company adopts the structure of a pit receiving tank, The scales thrown out by the water-cooling roller are crushed once and directly fall into the pit receiving tank. After the upper cover of the receiving tank is automatically closed, the receiving tank is automatically pulled down and manually hoisted to other places for secondary cooling, and quickly replaced with another receiving tank for the next furnace. Such a working mode greatly improves the working efficiency and can produce 8-10 furnaces a day.

Vacuum NdFeB Furnace
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