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After purchasing a new furnace, what should be paid attention to?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-06-27

Many users hope that after purchasing a new electric furnace, they will not operate it. Today we will explain some basic common sense about the operation of the intermediate frequency furnace.

The first is the boot operation.

After assembling the incoming line device, we need to observe whether the voltage and ammeter indications are normal. Adjust the potentiometer to adjust the power to the minimum value.

Press the power on button, after 2 to 3 seconds, press the “main circuit on button”, then press the “inverter start button”, the intermediate frequency power supply starts to work, at this time the DC voltmeter, ammeter, intermediate frequency frequency meter, power meter There are instructions.

After the startup is successful, slowly adjust the power knob to the desired power position and input the power.

If the intermediate frequency is not established (failure to start), press the “Inverter Stop” button to reset it, and then press “Inverter Start” again.

IF furnace shutdown operation

When shutting down, first turn the power adjustment knob to the smaller position, and then press the “inverter stop” button.

If it needs to stop for a long time, first press “inverter stop”, then press the main current disconnect button, and then press the “control power disconnect” button. Note that this step cannot be reversed)

At this time, the intermediate frequency power supply and the internal circulating cooling water of the electric heating capacitor can be turned off, and the internal and external circulation system of the furnace body should be stopped until the surface temperature of the furnace lining drops below 100 ℃, and then the pump and water can be stopped.

When the cooling water is stopped in winter, it must be considered that the water in the pipeline will freeze and crack the water pipe. Methods such as heat preservation, draining the water, and adding water glycol can be used.

The operation of the intermediate frequency furnace is strictly prohibited

1. Add the moist charge and solvent into the furnace.

2. The furnace lining was found to be seriously damaged, and the smelting continued.

3. Violent mechanical impact on the furnace lining.

4. Operates without cooling water.

5. The metal solution or the furnace structure operates without grounding.

6. When the electric furnace is energized, carry out charging, ramming solid charge, sampling, adding a large number of alloys, temperature measurement, slag removal, etc.

7. If it is really necessary to carry out the above operations under the condition of power on, appropriate safety measures should be adopted, such as wearing edge shoes or asbestos gloves, and reduce the power.

8. The chip material should be placed on the residual metal liquid after the liquid as much as possible. The secondary input amount is less than 1/10 of the electric furnace capacity, and it must be evenly input.

The above is the safety operation and precautions of the intermediate frequency furnace. When using the intermediate frequency furnace, we must abide by the operating specifications to avoid improper use, which may cause damage to the intermediate frequency furnace and affect personal safety.

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Video of the use process of the furnace

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