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Aluminum and steel, metals suitable for melting in common induction furnaces

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-06-24

Whether you run a foundry company, an auto parts company, or any other industry that requires casting metal, you probably need an industrial-scale induction furnace.

Although from the looks of it, many people may think that stoves are all the same, but this is wrong. There are two main materials for induction furnaces: aluminum and steel.

These two different types of furnaces are suitable for different types of metals. Today, Hongteng editors share with you some common casting metals, and the most suitable furnace types for them:


As one of the more common cast metals, gold is used for several primary functions. One is jewelry. No matter what type of jewelry you make, you’ll probably need to do some casting. Aluminium furnaces are probably the best choice for smelting gold, as it is generally required to cast less gold than steel or other metals. Aluminum furnaces typically heat up faster than the competition, making them the perfect efficient choice for gold furnaces.


Like gold, silver typically doesn’t melt in large quantities, so efficiency is key. This fact makes aluminum furnaces often a better choice for casting silver.


No matter what you do with copper, finding the right copper melting furnace is the key to a successful operation. A popular copper furnace is the aluminum option. Since copper is generally melted for its value, smaller capacities are generally preferred, although each case is different.

If you have a lot of copper that needs to be melted, the steel frame type may be your best choice because of its excellent thermal insulation properties.


Like most metals, if you have a small amount of steel that needs to be melted, an aluminum frame type may be your best bet for fast, efficient work. However, if you have large quantities (which is common for steel needs), steel frame induction forging may be the best.

With different industries around the world melting steel in tons (international crude steel production reached 1.69 billion tons in 2017, the steel frame type is usually the best choice. The steel frame furnaces manufactured by AMELT have a maximum melting capacity of 25 tons/hour and are sufficient for hardest job


If you don’t have much metal production, then there is no doubt that an aluminum melting furnace will be for you. If you have a lot of output, then you need to consider an induction melting furnace made of steel.

That’s what we share today. For more information about electric furnaces, please pay attention to Luoyang Hongteng.

Video of the use process of the furnace

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