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Factors to Consider When Buying a New Furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-06-22

When the user smelts metal and needs to buy a new smelting furnace. We would recommend users to choose our induction stove. There are mainly the following considerations.

Environmental friendly

Using other furnaces produces a lot of waste, such as dust and pollutants, which can diffuse into the atmosphere. These wastes are often difficult to dispose of and are also harmful to the environment. But that’s not the case with induction stoves, and if you care about the environment, induction stoves are ideal for you.


Our coreless induction melting furnaces will provide you with low levels of oxidation during the melting process. A lower oxidation rate during melting means you’ll get a higher yield, which increases your productivity. Therefore, the oxidation rate must always be checked when purchasing an industrial furnace.

customizable size

Industrial induction furnaces have a custom induction heating coil to suit different operating levels. These furnaces come in different sizes, the smallest of which usually require small refraction of the material. If your business is small, it is advisable to buy a small induction stove. We can determine your final selection based on your expected production scale.

Improve productivity

Induction heating coils heat induction furnaces in a rapid manner that allows for rapid heat generation. Rapid heating allows all metals to melt quickly. Isn’t this quality an ideal tip to buy an induction furnace to increase productivity?

noise minimization

Noise in a production facility can be annoying. Environmental laws and regulations may also force you to reduce noise levels in your foundry. Therefore, it is very important to check the noise level of an induction stove before purchasing it. Luckily, our manufacturers are able to make stoves with the least noise.


How sturdy and how big is the enclosure of the induction hob? The strength and durability of an induction stove determine the quality of the stove you buy. You should make sure that the furnace you intend to buy is of good quality and should be easy to maintain and install.

You should get an ideal stove. A reliable induction furnace can increase your productivity and energy efficiency. It also reduces environmental pollution and reduces the risk of workplace injury and death.

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Video of the use process of the furnace

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