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Coreless induction furnace and aluminum melting technology

Author : Hongteng Time: 2023-01-06

Induction heating is a method of transferring heat energy. The principle of induction melting is that a high voltage supply from the primary coil induces a low voltage and a high current in the metal or secondary coil.

Induction furnaces are well suited for melting and alloying many metals with minimal melt loss, but do little to refine them. Induction furnaces come in two main types: coreless and channeled.

Some manufacturers of all kinds of demolition waste steel, industrial waste, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, idle equipment, plant demolition, scrapped cars, etc.

If these scrap metals can be reprocessed and reused through special processes, the overexploitation of the earth’s minerals can be reduced.

If we can reuse scrap metal, we can consume less energy in the process and better protect the environment.

This is a very important opportunity for the development of a resource-saving green economy.

For example, the customer has a lot of waste cans and aluminum castings, hoping to complete the resource re-integration of waste metal and aluminum through our equipment.

We can design an aluminum ingot line production program for the user. In the program, we recommend the user to use an aluminum melting furnace to solve the melting problem related to the waste aluminum.

Our Hongteng main production is coreless induction furnace. This kind of equipment runs stably, heating efficiency is high, very popular among users.

Coreless induction furnaces are commonly used to melt all grades of steel and iron as well as many nonferrous alloys.

When the charge melts, the interaction of the magnetic field and the current flowing in the induction coil creates agitation within the molten metal.

This agitation forces the molten metal upward in the center, thus forming a characteristic meniscus on the metal surface.

Due to the high degree of control over temperature and chemical composition, while the induced current provides good melt circulation, the furnace is ideal for remelting and alloying.

Aluminum smelting furnace has the following characteristics:

Fast melting speed, low burn rate, waste aluminum regeneration melting yield up to 92%;

The discharge mode is flexible, can be fixed bottom discharge, can turn the furnace body discharge;

The equipment adopts induction heating mode, high stability and reliability;

Smelting process aluminum liquid no flow, no turnover, reduce oxidation, composition unchanged.

The output of the scheme we designed for the user is 500KG per hour, which can fully meet the actual demand of the customer.

Users not only recycle scrap aluminum, reducing environmental pollution, but also profit from the new aluminum ingot production line.

Welcome to Luoyang Hongteng, you can learn more and induction furnace related knowledge.

Video of the use process of the furnace

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