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Factors affecting the age of the electric furnace: smelting material

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-05-26

Every user hopes that their electric furnace can work for more time, so that the production line can produce more products and bring considerable benefits to themselves.

However, when the smelting furnace is working, many factors will affect the service life of the furnace, such as the structure of the furnace body, the material of the furnace lining, the operation method in the production process and so on. Of course, the smelted metal material will also have an impact on the furnace age. Today we will share this knowledge with you.

The first is some rust dirt in the charge, as well as a lot of sand adhering to the return charge, these substances will aggravate the erosion effect on the furnace lining, so we should clean the dirt on the charge as much as possible before using it.

Among the materials that need to be smelted, high-chromium cast iron has the least erosive effect on the furnace body and lining due to the low smelting temperature, but special attention should be paid to the feeding method of the return material.

High-chromium cast iron has poor thermal conductivity and high brittleness. When the cold material is suddenly added to the molten iron, it is prone to bursting. Especially when the material block is large, the impact formed by the bursting is enough to cause cracks in the furnace lining. This requires workers to pay attention to the changes in the furnace at any time when feeding materials.

Alloy cast steel, heat-resistant steel and stainless steel require high discharge temperature, and the reduction and refining process is long, and the erosion effect on the basic furnace lining is greater, especially when the steel with high silicon content is smelted, the erosion effect is more serious.

If continuous production is not possible, repeated furnace opening and shutdown operations will cause the furnace lining to undergo alternate expansion and contraction, and the furnace lining is prone to cracks. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain continuous smelting production as much as possible.

This is what we are talking about today about the influence of the material of the smelting material on the age of the electric furnace, I hope it can help you.

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