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Quality Control of Electric Furnace Melting

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-05-25

Since the establishment of the company, Hongteng has been committed to serving users around the world, so we have many production lines under construction and put into production all over the world.

Today, the editor of Hongteng summarized some quality control problems in the smelting process when the electric furnace is at work, and would like to share it with you.

Heat preservation of molten iron: The heat preservation of molten iron at high temperature will cause temperature changes, element burning loss, dissolved gas and changes in the state of the molten iron itself. Therefore, if long-term heat preservation is required, the temperature of heat preservation should be reduced as much as possible. For example, a small amount of clean and dry return material can be added to cool down, and the surface of molten iron can be covered with slag made of glass and other materials.

Selection of molten iron composition: When several castings are to be cast in the same molten iron, the largest batch of castings or the most important castings should be batched as much as possible. During the process of pouring molten steel, the carbon content in the furnace will continue to decrease. , you can consider adding an inoculant to adjust first, and then consider using a recarburizer.

Change of molten iron quality: If there is ductile iron molten iron remaining in the furnace and you want to melt gray cast iron molten iron, if there is a lot of remaining molten iron, it is best to heat it up to 1550 ° C and keep it for a period of time, otherwise the structure of the casting will be damaged. A lot of messy graphite blocks appear, which affects the performance of the casting.

Oxidation of molten iron: Due to the unclean charge or poor control of the smelting process, it will lead to serious oxidation of the molten iron, affecting various quality problems of castings. Therefore, we should try to choose a clean and clean charge, and then consider using silicon carbide and silicon-calcium alloy for deoxidation, and then properly heat up and keep warm.

This is what we share today about the quality control of the electric furnace in the smelting process, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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Video of the use process of the furnace

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