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Features of Induction Furnace Melting

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-02-25

(1) Electromagnetic induction heating. Due to the different heating methods, the induction furnace does not have the graphite electrodes necessary for arc heating, and there is no local overheating area under the arc, thus eliminating the possibility of electrode carbonization. Electric induction furnaces can smelt steels and alloys with a very low carbon content that are difficult to smelt in electric arc furnaces, creating favorable conditions for obtaining products with low gas content.

(2) There is a certain intensity of electromagnetic stirring in the melting pool. The metal stirring caused by electromagnetic induction promotes uniform composition and temperature, and the inclusions in the steel merge, grow, and float. The burning loss of alloying elements in the induction furnace smelting process is less, so the predicted composition is more accurate, which is conducive to composition control and shortening the smelting time.

(3) The specific surface area of the melting pool is small. This is beneficial to reduce the loss of easily oxidizable elements in the molten metal pool and reduce the inhalation, so the induction furnace creates relatively good conditions for smelting high-alloy steels and alloys, especially those containing elements such as titanium, aluminum, or boron. . However, it is easy to form poor fluidity and low reaction force, which is not conducive to the “cold slag” of the metallurgical reaction at the slag-steel interface. For this reason, induction furnace smelting has stricter requirements on raw materials.

(4) The input power is easy to adjust. During the melting process of the induction smelting furnace, the input power can be easily adjusted. The induction melting furnace can control the temperature of the melting pool more accurately, keep the temperature in the furnace, and tap the steel in several times.

(5) The same power supply can supply power to several melting furnaces of different capacities (but not at the same time). so in terms of smelting capacity, the industrial induction furnace is more flexible.

(6) High thermal efficiency. Generally, the heating area of the induction furnace is small and the heat dissipation is small, so the thermal efficiency of the induction furnace is high.

(7) Less smoke and dust, less pollution to the environment. When smelting in an induction furnace, there is basically no flame and no combustion products.

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