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What are the precautions for rolling mill trial?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-02-24

1) The steel rolling process must abide by the main motor start-up operation management system and the rolling mill operation technical operation rules, and notify all relevant posts to achieve safe start-up and safe operation.

2) Supply cooling water before the rolling mill runs, after a period of idling, check whether the rolling mill machine is running normally, check whether the temperature rise of various bearings is normal, and see if there is any abnormal phenomenon of overheating and deformation.

3) Prepare the trial rolling piece in advance, and the rolling piece temperature should not be rolled lower than the specified temperature, so as to avoid the tripping of the main motor or damage to the safety device.

4) During the trial rolling process of the steel mill equipment, the size of each red billet should be measured, and the adjustment icon should be used to check whether the size is correct and whether the surface quality is good.

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