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The Difference Between KGPS Module and IGBT Module

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-02-23

1, KGPS intermediate furnace power supply, also known as transistors, the advantages of this power supply is a mature technology, reliable quality, cheap, the disadvantage is that the electrical efficiency is 10-20 percentage points lower than the IGBT IF furnace power supply, in addition, the harmonic rectifier part of the user’s power grid system has an impact, serious damage will be done to other equipment on the grid.

2, IGBT IF power supply, this power supply in the domestic development cycle is not long, the advantage is that the electrical efficiency is high, generally can reach 90% or more. Therefore, the power saving than silicon controlled power 10-20%, the impact on the grid is very small, the disadvantage is that the technical maturity is relatively low silicon controlled type, the price is relatively high. Suitable for small capacity aluminum furnace, copper furnace, zinc melting furnace, etc. From the point of view of long-term power saving, it is quite cost-effective to buy an IGBT power supply. Because of the electricity, you save a year, it is easy to buy one or two more such induction equipment.

3, From the volume point of view, transistors, KGPS SCR if you do power, the same power relative volume will be larger than the IGBT IF power, In fact, most of the IGBT induction equipment frequency is above 10KHZ, while the frequency of silicon controlled IF equipment is below 10KHZ.

4, KGPS IF power supply frequency is small, but the power can be relatively large, foreign countries can do 4000KW. suitable for large foundries, such as large-capacity industrial melting furnace, steel melting furnace, billet induction heating furnace, etc., while IGBT IF power supply due to its higher frequency, and its power can not do as much power as KGPS IF power supply. At present, people are trying to develop high-power induction heating equipment using an IGBT power supply. 

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