How is the temperature of billet induction heating furnace precisely controlled?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-02-09

Induction heating furnaces are also called preheating furnaces, reheating furnaces

Online temperature measurement system. To ensure accurate control of the temperature of small billets and continuous cast billets during the heating process, infrared thermometers are generally arranged at the inlet and outlet of the industrial heating furnace. In addition, to compensate for the time difference in temperature measurement by the pyrometer and to improve control sensitivity, furnace body detection devices are installed at the inlet and outlet of each group of furnaces to make the heater more sensitive and reliable when maintaining low and high power switching. 

Increase the sorting system, in order to guarantee that the temperature of the heated billets is up to standard, you can add a sorting system at the exit of the heating furnace so that the billets with substandard temperature can be screened.

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