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What Parts Does Continuous Casting Machines Consist of?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-02-07

Continuous casting machines mainly include steel ladle and ladle rotary table – intermediate ladle – lead ingot device – crystallizer and crystallizer vibration device – fan section – billet cutting device (such as flame cutting machine or hydraulic shear and swing shear).

The middle ladle plays the role of buffering and purifying the steel liquid, the capacity is generally 20% to 40% of the capacity of the steel ladle, the more the number of streams in the CCM machine, the larger the capacity.

The crystallizer is the “heart” of the CCM continuous casting machine, requiring good thermal conductivity, structural rigidity, wear-resistance, and ease of manufacture and maintenance characteristics, generally made of forged copper or cast brass, its outer wall through the water forced uniform cooling.

CCM casting machine is preceded by steelmaking equipment. Steelmaking equipment is used to produce steel liquid, the main method of steelmaking is the oxygen converter method of steelmaking. There is also the use of an industrial induction furnace for melting steel from scrap steel. The continuous casting machine process is followed by rolling, for example, the steel rebar production line: the main processes are induction heating furnace – roughing rolling mill – continuous rolling mill – rapid cooling unit – cold bed – straightening machine – sizing shear – packing table.

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