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Features of Induction Furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-02-06

1. The metal melting furnace process is more stable, and the castings have higher mechanical strength. In the induction furnace can be melted in various compositions of iron, due to the melting process of oxidation lossless, and can be more convenient to adjust the composition and temperature of the iron liquid, the final quality of the iron liquid obtained is more stable.

In recent years, new processes for the production of high-strength and low-stress castings have emerged abroad. The method is to use 40% to 80% of scrap steel in the ingredients, first obtain low-carbon raw molten iron, then heat it to 1450°C for decarburization, and make the chemical composition reach the value specified in the process, and then overheat the molten iron to keep the temperature at 1500~1550℃ for 10~30min, and strictly control the crystallization supercooling degree of the molten iron.

2. The use of induction furnaces for melting non-ferrous metals can reduce melt burnout or achieve oxidation-free melting, such as aluminium induction melting furnaces, copper induction melting furnaces and zinc melting furnaces.

3. The use of induction melting furnaces reduces environmental pollution. Because the induction electric furnace does not have energy carriers of combustion products, the discharge of smoke and dustless, the noise issued is also much lower than the cupola, the labour intensity of workers and labour conditions are improved, as long as the conditions permit, in the production of cast iron using electric induction furnace melting and insulation pouring, is often very beneficial.

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