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Two Solutions for Steel Rebar Making

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-02-04

Option A: The raw material is scrap, which needs to start with scrap steel melting. The first step is to melt the scrap steel in an induction melting furnace; the second step is to cast the billet through a column mold or CCM; the third step is to reheat the billet in an induction heating furnace, and finally to enter a horizontal rolling mill or continuous rolling mill.

Option B: The raw material is billet, which we can heat directly in a reheating furnace and then feed into a rolling mill to be rolled into a rebar or other profiles of steel.

As you can see, the billet-to-rebar production option saves more power and investment, so if you don’t want to invest too much in the first stage or don’t have enough power, then option B small mini rolling mill from billet to steel rebar is a better option.

And if we have a lot of raw scraps and want a larger capacity rebar production line, plan A would be better. In general, plan A is more thermally efficient because the billet is still hot when it has just been cast from CCM and this will save electricity. Some continuous casting lines make larger billets, such as 100*100mm billets that come out of the CCM and can be fed directly into the hot rolling mill.

Here are some videos of our products for your understanding and reference, hope they can bring you help.

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