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How to choose a quality medium frequency melting furnace? (1)

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-01-10

Depending on the materials, the main materials presented in this article are induction furnace shells, magnetic yokes and copper tubes.

Regarding the choice of aluminium shell furnace housing, a high-quality aluminium shell furnace casing should have sufficient weight standard, for example, a standard 1-ton aluminium shell furnace casing is a cast aluminium alloy with a weight of 400Kg and a thickness of 40mm.

The choice of magnetic yoke: the same model of steel shell furnace magnetic yoke selection is different, the price difference is very large, general high-quality steel shell induction furnace should choose high permeability of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, silicon steel sheet in 0.3 mm, super thick structure, concave surface and induction coil of the same outer arc, so that the magnetic yoke can be close to the side of the induction coil, combined with the coil outward dispersion of magnetic field lines, magnetic yoke by stainless steel plate and stainless steel plate clamped on both sides, fixed with welding The yoke is clamped by stainless steel plate and a stainless steel plate on both sides, fixed by welding, and cooled by water.

Induction furnace copper tube: the core of the industrial melting furnace is the induction coil, cold extruded copper tube and cast copper tube effect and the price is very different. The melting furnace should use large cross-section T2 cold extruded copper tubes. The surface insulation layer of the copper tube should be electrostatically sprayed to achieve class H insulation. To protect the strength of the insulation, the surface should be wrapped with mica tape and alkali-free glass tape respectively and then coated with moisture-proof insulating paint. The coil must be disconnected at the bend, and the gap should be brought into the refractory cement on the coil coated with refractory cement to strengthen the adhesion of the coil coating on the coil. To protect the coil, several stainless steel water cooling coils are added up and down at both ends of the coil to increase the overall rigidity and facilitate heat dissipation.

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