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How to choose a quality medium frequency melting furnace? (2)

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-01-11

Thyristors: The quality of thyristors used by various manufacturers generally varies. A good quality thyristor has good temperature sensitivity, fast response, and a low failure rate. So a good quality melting furnace should choose thyristors from well-known manufacturers with reliable quality and stable performance.

The power cabinet of the induction furnace: the size and specifications of the power cabinet of regular manufacturers are standard. The reactor is placed inside the power cabinet. The induction furnace power supply of regular manufacturers is equipped with a low-voltage switch, the user does not need to configure the voltage switch cabinet. Some informal manufacturers, however, do not install low-voltage switches inside the power supply. Invariably, this increases the cost to the user.

Capacitors for medium frequency induction furnaces: The capacitor cabinet for reactive power compensation must be equipped with a sufficient number of capacitors. And choose capacitors from regular manufacturers.

Reactors: The main material of the reactor is silicon steel sheets, and new products from regular manufacturers should be chosen, and recycled second-hand silicon steel sheets should not be used.

Water pipe clamps: In the IF melting furnace sets, there are a large number of water pipe connections. High-quality melting furnaces should use stainless steel clamps or use copper sliders. In addition to the above, the choice of other components is also important, such as water-cooled cables, copper bars, water pipes, etc. These will affect the quality and price of the equipment, and we hope that you will pay attention to them when purchasing.

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