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Introduction of induction coil of induction furnace (Inductor)

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-01-12

The induction coil of Luoyang Hongteng’s electric induction furnace, i.e. the induction furnace coil, is made of a rectangular copper tube with the purity of 99.98% T2 copper tube and wall thickness of 6㎜ wounds on a special mold, with turn spacing error no more than 2mm, and the coil group is welded and then treated with stress cancellation.

The upper and lower parts of the induction coil are equipped with stainless steel water-cooling rings to ensure that the furnace lining is heated evenly during the process of metal melting and metal heating. The upper and lower ends of the electric furnace coil need to be equipped with a Faraday short-circuit ring to fully absorb the magnetic flux leakage from the upper and lower ends to prevent the induction furnace body from heating up.

The induction electric furnace body is connected to the electricity using a high-quality water-cooled cable with a large cross-section, and the lead-in line is in the form of a side lead-in line. The coil pressing device uses a stainless steel rod to pull up and down. The coiling water main pipeline has pressure, differential pressure, and temperature protection at the same time to ensure the water flow and inlet temperature of the main pipeline. Each branch line has a flow relay and a temperature switch on the return water collector to ensure that the flow and temperature of each return water branch line meet the design requirements and that the power supply is immediately protected and shut down in the event of water shortage and poor water flow, thus protecting the safety of the electric furnace.

Here are some videos of our products for your understanding and reference, hope it can bring you help.

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