What are the differences between the billets casting vertical casting molds and open mouth billet molds?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-01-13

Price: Vertical casting molds are more expensive. Open mold is cheaper.

Quantity: Small melting furnaces are generally equipped with 1-4 vertical casting molds; The number of open molds is calculated according to the steel melting furnace output. Weight of molten steel per batch/weight of billet = number of molds required.

Structure: The structure of the billet vertical casting mold is more complicated. The outer shell is ductile iron, and the inner crystallizer is a copper tube, needs water cooling. There are mechanical lever that can release the billet. In addition, considering the uniformity of the billet during the casting process, the Vertical mold is better equipped with a vibrating platform. Open billet mold, made of nodular cast iron, simple structure, manual demoulding, no maintenance, no water cooling, convenient operation, low cost

In summary, it is generally recommended to consider the open billet mold for a small casting line of 1-3T. The size of the billet can also be customized for the open mold. The section shape of the open mold is trapezoidal, and the length of the upper edge is different from the length of the bottom.

Vertical casting mold: The section of the cast billet is also trapezoidal. For example, the billet made by a 60*60 billet mold is actually 60*50mm. While length is the same. This design makes it easier to release the billet. Below 60*60mm vertical billet max length can be 1.2M. 70*70–80*80mm billet max length can be 1.7M. Billets of 100*100 and above max length can be 1.8M. To increase the efficiency of steel billet casting, the vertical casting mold is best to work with 2Pcs or more vertical casting molds, you can choose according to your own situation.

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