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Continuous casting continuous mill

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-01-14

There are many different types of steel rolling mills, but this article focuses on the high-efficiency steel mill, also known as the continuous casting continuous mill. The high efficiency of this rolling mill production line, whose performance is comparable to that of the leading international rolling mills, is one of the most commonly used rolling mill solutions in large rolling mills plant.

It is suitable for single-species, high-volume products, such as steel wire rods which is the classic model using this hot rolling mill production line. Four major processes are rolled in series, from scrap steel melting furnace, continuous billet casting machine, shearing, and continuous rolling mill. This rolling mill equipment operates in continuous operation with all processes working together. The steel mill is driven by the motor, through the flywheel set inertia rotation, increased power, through the reducer and gearbox distribution to the rolling mill on the rolls, billet, and rolls squeeze each other, and finally rolled out products.

Traditional rolling mill machine, not adapted to high output products, if the required product output is high, it is very easy to cause the mill serious pile of steel or hard steel, so that the roll fatigue strength is reduced, rolling speed can not reach, but also likely to burn out the motor, affecting the normal steel rolling production.

The gap between the roll and the guide according to the billet plastic deformation over the line design, according to the different rolling products, hole design is different. When the billet does not enter the mill smoothly, the guide can be fine-tuned to control the entry and exit of the billet. The flywheel set can be adjusted to operate with cyclical speed fluctuations for even and smooth movement, increasing rotational inertia, overcoming resistance, and saving energy and power.,

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