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How do we setting a foundry plant?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-01-18

Some customers wanna know if we setting a foundry plant, which kind of casting equipment do we need? For a full set foundry plant workshop, here is the metal casting equipment list we need :

1. Induction melting furnace: To melt scrap metal as liquid.

2. Steel ladle: To transfer the steel liquid to workpiece mold.

3. Sand mixing machine: To mix the foundry using sand.

4. Sand molding machine: To help workers make workpiece sand mold.

5. Shot blasting machine: To process the workpiece, making the appearance more smoothly.

Then how about the application? What kind of metal casting is this foundry line suitable for? Here are some examples: Manhole cover, Small pipe joints, Iron Fence, Hammer, Some shells like reducer shells, motor shells, Gears, etc. We also can design the mold for customers according to the customer’s drawing. Hongteng can adopt the full foundry line for customers, welcome contact us! Here are some videos of metal casting for your understanding and reference, hope they can bring you help.

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