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How do we name the hot rolling mill machine ?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-01-19

We usually classify hot rolling mills into rough rolling mills, horizontal rolling mills, and continuous rolling mills.

Rough rolling mill: they have a high rolling capacity and are generally used for the initial rolling of billets, which can be processed 5-7 times, helping customers to save equipment costs.

Horizontal rolling mil: generally consist of one motor drive several reversible rolling mill stands and one 2 rollers rolling mill stand at the end. It is used for a 1-3T per hour small capacity rebar production line. Advantages are low initial investment costs, quick return on capital, low electricity consumption, low maintenance costs, and small factory area requirements. The disadvantage is a large amount of manual operation and the small output.

Continuous rolling mill: divided into one motor drive one stand rolling mill and one motor drive 2 stands rolling mill. The advantage is the high degree of automation, the use of less labor, generally suitable for large capacity rolling mill production lines. The disadvantage is that there are too many motors, which use a lot of electricity and require a large transformer. In addition to this, it requires many roles, which are costly to use, has high maintenance costs, and requires a large factory area.

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