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What are the conditions and advantages of hot rolling of rolling mill billets?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-01-24

Now steel billet hot rolling is generally adopted in steel rolling workshops.

The advantage of direct hot rolling of billets:

1. To reduce the power consumption of the induction heating furnace, save a lot of energy, reduce heating time, and reduce metal consumption. Generally, the metal consumption is reduced by 0.3% compared with cold charging.

2. To reduce construction investment and production costs, and shorten the production cycle.

The conditions for the direct hot charging of billets are:

1, The steel-making workshop should have the necessary equipment and technology to ensure the production of defect-free blanks and a stable and balanced production process.

2, Steelmaking and steel rolling mill should be organized according to a certain production plan, and maintenance should be carried out in accordance with a unified plan as much as possible.

3, The continuous casting machine should match the hourly output of the rolling mill machine properly.

4, In order to give the full effect of hot charging, even if the rolling mill stops production for a short time, no cold billet will be produced. A buffer zone should be set up between the roller table and the heating furnace.

5, The heating furnace should be able to flexibly adjust the combustion system to adapt to the rolling line and the conversion of hot and cold billets.

6, The rolling mill should have a reasonable pass design to reduce the number of roll replacements.

7, A complete computer system should be set up to control and coordinate the steelmaking and steel rolling workshops.

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