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How to choose the lining material of the melting furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-04-01

The furnace lining plays a very important role in the operation of the melting furnace, and there are many types of furnace linings. Common furnace linings include acidic furnace lining, neutral furnace lining, and basic furnace lining. So, is there any good way to choose suitable furnace lining materials? The editor of Hongteng made some summaries for you today.

1. The furnace lining must have a certain high temperature strength

In the smelting process, the furnace wall is subject to the impact force of the metal charge, the static pressure of the molten metal, the force of the electromagnetic stirring of the molten metal, the temperature difference stress, etc., which will affect the service life of the lining of the smelting furnace, so the lining material should have A certain high temperature strength, no cracking and erosion resistance under the action of various forces.

2. The refractoriness of the furnace lining should be excellent

When the smelting furnace is in operation, the temperature of molten steel can reach 1700℃ or above, and the temperature of molten iron can reach above 1500℃. Therefore, the furnace lining material should have excellent refractoriness, and the furnace lining material that meets the melting temperature or withstands partial and frequent high temperature should be selected according to the material to be smelted.

3. The chemical stability of the furnace lining is better

Slag erosion is a common form of damage to refractories when using melting furnaces. In fact, more than 59% of the damage to the lining material is caused by the erosion of the molten slag. Therefore, slag resistance is also one of the important criteria for the lining material of the smelting furnace. Melting furnace lining should have good chemical stability.

4. The furnace lining should have good thermal shock resistance

The furnace lining should also have good resistance to rapid cooling and rapid heating, and it should not crack due to the stress generated in the furnace lining wall due to rapid changes in temperature and pressure after smelting at high temperature to the furnace. The better the thermal shock resistance, the longer the service life of the furnace lining. .

5. The furnace lining should meet the requirements of environmental protection

The smelting furnace adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction in the heating process, which has little pollution to the environment. The furnace lining materials we choose also need to not release substances harmful to the human body during use, and the waste after use should not cause harm to the environment as much as possible.

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Video of the use process of the melting furnace

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