How to increase the power of induction furnace? Power Influencing Factors and Improvement Methods

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-03-31

When the induction furnace is working, sometimes the power of the equipment does not meet the standard, which will increase the time for melting and processing of the furnace body and affect the efficiency and quality of equipment production. So, do you know the factors that affect the power of the induction furnace, and is there any way to increase its power? Today we will give you a brief summary.

1. The rectifier part of the induction furnace is not properly adjusted, the rectifier tube is not fully turned on, and the DC voltage does not reach the rated value. At this time, the trigger circuit of the induction furnace rectifier circuit should be adjusted in time.

2. If the intermediate frequency voltage value is adjusted too high or too low, it will affect the power output. At this time, the intermediate frequency voltage needs to be adjusted to a suitable value.

3. Improper adjustment of the cut-off and cut-off values of induction furnace operation will also reduce the power output of the furnace body. At this time, the cut-off and cut-off values of the induction furnace should be re-adjusted.

4. Only the supporting intermediate frequency power supply and furnace body can play their due role. It should be checked whether the intermediate frequency power supply and the furnace body are matched. If they are not matched, they should be replaced in time.

5. If the compensation capacitor is configured too much or too little, the economical power output of electrical efficiency and thermal efficiency cannot be obtained. The compensation capacitor of the induction furnace should be reconfigured according to the rated value of the intermediate frequency power supply.

6. It is also very important to adjust the distributed inductance of the output circuit of the induction furnace equipment and the additional inductance of the resonant circuit in time. Be careful not to be too large or too small, and keep the values normal.

7. If the furnace lining is too thick, the induction coils at the bottom of the furnace are buried more, the material of the furnace material is not good or the furnace material is not real, etc., you should adjust or replace the appropriate furnace lining material in time according to the selection method of the furnace lining material of the induction furnace, and do a good job in the daily life of the furnace lining. Maintenance and maintenance work.

This is what we have compiled for you to improve the power of induction furnaces. Welcome to Luoyang Hongteng, let us solve more doubts for you.

Video of the use process of the melting furnace

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