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Steel melting furnace with a capacity of 500kg

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-03-30

In the metal heat treatment industry, smelting furnaces are often used exclusively for the treatment of scrap steel. Today, Luoyang Hongteng editor will introduce to you a steel melting furnace with a capacity of 500kg.

basic requirements

1. Capacity: 500Kg

2. Melting temperature: 1700℃

3. Power supply configuration: series resonant intermediate frequency power supply

4. Tilting furnace method: reducer tilting furnace

5. Cooling method: closed cooling tower

6. Melting power: 400Kw

7. Frequency: 1000Hz

8. Power consumption of melting furnace: 550Kwh/T

Internal protection

1. Power protection: including main circuit short circuit, phase loss protection, high grid voltage, low protection, high cooling water temperature, low water pressure, low cooling water flow protection, thyristor overvoltage, overcurrent protection, DC through protection, inverter pass-through protection, etc.

2. Limits on the numerical limits of key parameters, such as full power limit; induction coil overvoltage limit; output current limit; frequency limit; semiconductor component turn-off time limit.

Furnace body

The furnace body of the smelting furnace is composed of steel furnace shell welded by section steel, tilting furnace mechanism of reducer, induction coil, refractory cement, etc.

The tilting mechanism adopts a reducer system, and is equipped with position and angle sensors to provide signals to the PLC. The induction coil is made of extruded rectangular copper tube and wound on a special mold. After the coil is wound and formed, it is resistant to high temperature.

The inner side of the smelting furnace inductor is coated with 10-15mm refractory mortar to form the furnace lining.

cooling system

A closed circulating cooling water system consists of a water pump station, a closed cooling tower, pipes and instruments. The fluid circulates in the closed pipeline, the cooling water circulates through the spray pump, and the heat is taken away through exchange, so that the cooling water of the working fluid does not directly contact the atmosphere, the water consumption of the whole system is very small, and there is no need to build a large storage area. pool. Valves are installed on the inlet and outlet pipes of the closed circulating water system, which can adjust the pressure of the system at any time.

If the user needs, we can also design a leaking furnace alarm device and a smelting management system for the electric furnace to make the use of the electric furnace more convenient and safe.

Welcome to pay attention to our Luoyang Hongteng, to solve the furnace service in the melting furnace for you.

Video of the use process of the melting furnace

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