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How to maintain the rolls of a steel rolling mill?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-10-14

All along, The most troublesome thing for rolling product manufacturers is that the maintenance of rolling mill rolls, the main engine of rolling equipment, is the most troublesome. The accuracy of grinding, whether it has reached the scrapping standard, how to choose the compatibility of replacing supporting equipment, etc., have all become several major problems perplexing customers at present. If such problems cannot be solved in time, the losses and profits caused are immeasurable with the passage of time.

First of all, let’s grasp the degree of roll grinding and the operation method, Due to long-term contact with the raw materials of tie products, It is bound to cause long-term friction and loss, Judging from the degree of tool setting of rolling mill rolls, If the conventional detector cannot detect it, High viscosity grease can be used, a layer can be applied, and then the grease on the surface layer can be scraped off to basically determine the problem. Secondly, the standard for scrapping is actually very vague. Under the condition that it cannot be repaired, the roller can be replaced. Finally, it is explained that the ideal production effect can be achieved only when the matching whole machine is offline.

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