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What are the maintenance matters of rolling mill equipment in rebar production line?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-10-13

In order to ensure the smooth production of the daily work of the rebar production line, daily maintenance is particularly important. It should be noted that the service life of the rolling mill will be greatly reduced if the daily maintenance of the rolling mill is not in place. Check the rolling mill every day for oil, water, gas leakage, and overheating; To reduce the loss caused by illegal operation of equipment or maintenance is not timely, the rubber roller should be lifted in the chain, rope, and roll surface end, etc. These are necessary maintenance measures.

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The automatic thickness control system on the rolling mill in the industrial production line is operated in strict accordance with the rolling mill operation process procedure and operation method. The gearbox maintenance should be cleaned at least once every quarter. When the roller-feeding steel reaches the limit position, special attention should be paid to the safe operation of the rolling equipment. When operating the rolling mill, attention should be paid to the hand being pressed by the steel plate and rolled into the feeding steel. When using the crane to lift the rolling mill for inspection, be careful not to collide with the machine.

In the rolling mill, operation personnel should coordinate with each other, and listen to commands, head of the rolling mill production line, depending on the squeezing and pad fluid process requirement, the roller contact part of the filling line elastic material in the process of rolling mill, roller, and raceway for the line contactor offline contact, radial bearing capacity big, apply to under heavy load and impact load.

If it is found that there is irregular noise, such as after the steel bar is interrupted, the roll can not be because of the sudden release of the load and the impact of the abnormal phenomenon. It should be immediately shut down for inspection, and the steel rolling production line can be completely stopped before maintenance. After the main transmission of the motor of the rolling mill stops, the lifting of the upper and lower rollers can be carried out. When cleaning, first stop and unscrew the oil discharge screw plug at the side of the gearbox in the hot state, and then reverse the tipping of the roll and the lifting of the upper roller.

1. Before using the rolling mill, be sure to operate in accordance with the parameters, which can not make the actual situation higher than the parameter requirements. To ensure the production quality of steel rolling equipment, generally including design, development, selection, casting, welding, turning and milling processing, assembly, etc.

2. Pay attention to the maintenance after use. Check the electrical system of the rolling mill regularly to ensure that the voltage and current do not exceed the rated parameters. The factory rolling mill also needs to do some details, such as grinding, painting, etc., to ensure that the quality of the mill is good from the appearance.

3. After the rolling mill runs for a period of time, but also to carry out more professional and meticulous maintenance, some routine checks on the circuit, listening to the motor, reducer, gearbox, and other equipment whether there is abnormal sound.

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