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Induction Furnace Recovery of Precious Metals

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-08-05

Induction heating in an induction furnace starts with a coil of conductive material such as copper.

Current passes through the coil and creates a magnetic field. The magnetic field can change direction depending on the direction of the current. Alternating current through the coil creates a magnetic field that changes in the same direction at the same speed as the current.

For example, if the current is 60Hz AC, the magnetic field will switch directions 60 times per second.

We can use induction furnaces to smelt precious metals. Then recycle them.

Recycling of precious metals involves removing all traces of that metal from another object. The refining process is sometimes performed in conjunction with the recycling process, but it is important to note that recycling precious metals is not the same as refining.

Precious metal refining includes techniques such as acid treatment and thermal reduction. But induction melting is considered to be one of the most beneficial ways to fully recover and purify metals.

Here are three reasons why induction melting is one of the best ways to recover precious metals:

This process is more efficient. Unlike traditional melting systems that take a long time to melt metal, induction melting furnaces heat up quickly to high temperatures. Induction heating systems can complete processes in a few hours that would normally take days because of their high heating efficiency.

The induction system is energy efficient. Induction heating systems are not only efficient in heating, they are also energy efficient. Compared to oil furnaces, induction furnaces consume less energy while maintaining high temperatures. This makes production more cost-effective and the metal produced can be sold at a lower price.

Heating capability yields better results. The heating capacity of an induction melting furnace is considered to be superior to other types of furnaces. Induction furnaces can heat to extremely high temperatures, and more traditional furnaces struggle to reach those numbers. These high temperatures are why induction melting furnaces are ideal for melting any type of precious metal.

What’s more, the intense heat generated by an induction stove can be easily controlled by the professionals operating it. Traditional heating furnaces such as oil furnaces often require a lot of effort and sweat to control the higher temperatures.

How to find induction heating equipment?

Induction furnaces are used in a variety of applications in many different industries, but they are especially useful for steelmaking.

Whether you want to use an induction furnace for steelmaking, ironmaking or recycling precious metals, Luoyang Hongteng can provide the induction melting furnace you need.

For information on induction furnaces and other products, please contact us.

Video of the use process of the furnace

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