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How to operate an intermediate frequency induction furnace safely

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-08-08

In the metal heating industry, the medium frequency induction furnace is a kind of equipment that many factories will consider.

Because the induction furnace has a complete operation control and measurement device, it can implement automatic control. The thermal efficiency is high, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ±1℃, which can reach more than 95%.

And the size of the intermediate frequency furnace can be customized, and users can choose the furnace that suits them according to their needs. The installation of the intermediate frequency furnace is simple. The user buys a new furnace from the manufacturer and can quickly install it himself.

Then there is the use of the intermediate frequency furnace. Regarding the safe operation of the intermediate frequency furnace, we are going to tell you some tips today.

1. The operator is allowed to operate the machine only after passing the examination and obtaining the operation certificate. The operator should be familiar with the performance and structure of the machine, and must abide by the safety and shift system.

2. There must be more than two people to operate the IF equipment, and the person in charge of the operation must be designated.

3. First check whether the incoming line voltage is balanced, if the voltage is lower than the specified value, it cannot start and run.

4. Start two water pumps to cool the furnace body and electric control cabinet. Observe whether the water outlet of the circulating water is unobstructed, and the reading of the water pressure gauge of the control cabinet is greater than the specified pressure.

5. Carefully check whether there is a short circuit between the furnace body and the capacitor phase before powering on. Check that each indicator is reading correctly.

6. Turn the check knob to the check gear, check whether the readings of each indicator are correct, and listen to the sound of the inverter check board for correctness. After everything is normal, check or apply back to the working file.

7. During the smelting process of the intermediate frequency furnace, the operator should pay close attention to the situation of the furnace to avoid the “bridge” of the charge to form a hard shell. Observe the change of each indication of the intermediate frequency control voltage, and do not run beyond the safe value at will.

8. When the water pump is stopped, the return water temperature of the furnace body and the electric control cabinet must be checked, and the water pump can only be stopped when the temperature of the furnace body has dropped to normal temperature. Excessive temperature will destroy the furnace body and electric control cabinet.

9. When the machine starts or the machine stops due to a fault, it still fails to start after three starts. Do not start it again. You should find a maintenance person for inspection and maintenance in time. When there are abnormal changes in the indicators during the operation of the machine, the maintenance personnel must be checked in time.

10. The operator should not leave the post without authorization to do something unrelated to this type of work. The electrician has the right to prevent the entry of non-personnel from the room.

11. The operator should regularly wipe the relevant parts of the capacitor and the electric control cabinet to keep the machine and the room clean, tidy and safe.

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Video of the use process of the furnace

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