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Induction Heating Furnace in Billet Heating

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-02-14

Induction heating furnaces, the traditional rolling process, involve the billets obtained from steelmaking being cooled by stacking, transported to the rolling mill workshop, and then heated by induction heating furnaces and finally rolled into steel. This process has two drawbacks: Firstly, the small billets are pulled from the steelmaking continuous casting machine at a temperature of 700-900°C on the cold bed. The latent heat of the small billets is not used effectively. Secondly, the slab is heated by the heating furnace and a part of the oxidation is lost.

In order to make maximum use of the latent heat of the continuous casting billet in the continuous casting machine, the customer generally chooses to use continuous casting and rolling, but the temperature of the billet coming out of the continuous casting machine is not yet directly into the rolling mill, it needs to be heated again to make the temperature reach 1100°C, usually by using a reheating furnace to increase the temperature. In order to fully save energy, billet slab heating induction furnaces are generally used to heat the continuous casting billets online, thus enabling continuous casting and rolling.

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