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Process characteristics of continuous casting machine and rolling mill

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-02-11

Full continuous rolling mill is usually continuous casting and continuous rolling. The requirements for raw materials are relatively high, and the scrap iron does not meet the requirements of a full continuous rolling mill. Continuous casting machine manufacturers use scrap steel as the raw material, continuously casts it into high-quality steel billets, and then perform a full continuous rolling mill. Because the rolling mill uses independent power and electrical control, it can complete rolling at one time, which helps greatly to improve the capacity of rolled steel.

CCM casting machine is designed on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced rolling technology experience. The new concept of rolling technology is selected, which can meet the different sizes of steel billets. Continuous casting machine has not only fast-rolling speed but also low power consumption. The raw material is not strict. The practice of large-scale metallurgical machinery engineering has proved that the continuous casting machine and rolling mill not only have a high capacity but also the equipment repair and maintenance costs are not high. While environmental protection and energy-saving, also reduce the labor intensity. In the process of high-strength steel rolling, the wear of the rolls, bearings, guides, and other wear-resistant parts of the rolling mill is still serious. Therefore, it is necessary to do well in repairing and maintaining wear-resistant parts.

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