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Induction Melting Work in Coreless Furnaces

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-07-27

Induction melting furnace

Melting steel is one of the uses of induction furnaces. Steel melting induction furnaces are used for melting and making alloys from a range of metals. Melt losses are minimal, as is the refining of metals. A coreless furnace is an induction furnace. Induction heating is a way of transferring energy from heat.

Frequency Range

In induction melting, frequencies range from 50 cycles per second (called mains frequency) to 10,000 cycles per second (called high frequency). Higher frequencies increase the maximum power available in the furnace and reduce turbulence. The crucible is formed when the granular refractory material is pushed between the coil and the hollow former. This melts with the initial heating, forming the sintered lining. The mains voltage and frequency are converted by the power cabinet; this conversion is necessary for electrofusion.

coreless furnace

The coil is a highly durable, highly conductive hollow tube made of copper in a spiral shape. Coils are the operating heart of the coreless furnace for steel melting. The coil steel case maintains the shape of the coil, and the support case is prevented from heating by magnetic shielding. The copper pipes are cooled with water, which is recirculated to the cooling tower. The furnace body should be equipped with a reducer to complete the dumping.

Stir while heating

When the material melts, the magnetic field and current in the induction coil interact. This causes agitation in the molten metal.

This stirring causes the molten metal to rise in the center, forming the desired meniscus on the metal surface. The amount of stirring depends on the frequency and power used. It also depends on the shape and size of the coil and the viscosity and density of the metal. Agitation in the molten pool is critical as it aids in alloy mixing and turning chip melting, and it sets a uniform temperature anywhere in the furnace.

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Video of the use process of the furnace

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