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What should I look out for when buying a new melting furnace?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-07-25

Today we will introduce to you what you need to pay attention to after purchasing a new melting furnace.

Check the surface of the copper bar

Copper bars are used in the circuit system of the intermediate frequency smelting furnace to transmit current and connect electrical equipment. In the purchase process of the intermediate frequency melting furnace, be sure to observe the color of the copper bar to see if it has been plated.

If it is the primary color of red copper, you must be cautious, because generally regular power equipment will white-plate the copper bar or better silver-plated because the copper material is easier to oxidize.

Tin or nickel plating is also present. If the copper bar is oxidized, the contact resistance will increase, resulting in an increase in power consumption. Manufacturers save costs, but let careless buyers pay for their greed for a long time in the process of use.

Observe the aluminum shell capacitor model

Needless to say about the importance of capacitors, in addition to checking the aluminum bar, observing the quality of aluminum shell capacitors is also an important matter when purchasing an intermediate frequency melting furnace.

In general, you can distinguish the quality from the appearance standard, weight, etc. You can also ask the merchant what type of aluminum shell capacitor is used on the equipment, and then refer to whether it meets the current equipment quotation standard.

See if the circuit breaker is suitable

The circuit breaker will be an important gateway to protect the equipment. If the quality of the circuit breaker is not good, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Therefore, when purchasing an intermediate frequency melting furnace, the benefits of circuit breakers are also a crucial criterion. And the method of distinguishing whether the circuit breaker is good or bad is also relatively simple. Generally, there is a wooden handle on the right side, which is the model standard of the circuit breaker. After checking, you can ask the electrician if the circuit breaker equipped with the equipment is suitable.

Observe the thickness of other copper pipe products

After checking the above three items, don’t forget to also check the quality of the copper pipe products of the equipment. Generally, good copper pipe products can effectively reduce power consumption and improve efficiency.

The standard for distinguishing the quality of the copper tube is the thickness of the copper material of the copper tube. Under normal circumstances, the copper tube with thinner material will have a center depression at the bending place, while the thick copper tube will not have such a phenomenon.

Check the reactor

The price difference of the reactor is quite large, and the difference will be several thousand yuan at the smaller level, and the quality of the reactor can be distinguished by looking at the overall size, the size of the copper tube iron core, and the thickness. In general, the thicker the copper tube, the better, and the thinner the silicon steel sheet, the better.

The melting furnace is used as casting equipment. If an accident occurs due to quality problems, the consequences will be disastrous. Therefore, you must choose carefully when purchasing, and choose products from reliable manufacturers.

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