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Induction furnace use and power classification

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-07-21

Induction furnace is a commonly used heating furnace in mechanical thermal processing, which is usually used for casting heating, forging heating and metal quenching and tempering heating. The shape and structure of induction furnaces are different, and they are non-standard heating equipment, but they all use the principle of electromagnetic induction heating to heat metals.

How should we distinguish induction furnaces? Luoyang Hongteng editor to introduce the classification of induction furnaces.

1. Induction furnaces are classified according to their use:

1. The induction furnace is used for forging heating, pre-forging heating or metal quenching and tempering. The general heating temperature is 100 degrees — 1250 degrees.

a. In the forging industry, it is usually called intermediate frequency furnace, intermediate frequency electric furnace, diathermy furnace, intermediate frequency heating furnace, forging heating furnace or induction heating furnace; in metal quenching and tempering heating, it is usually called quenching furnace, annealing furnace or quenching and tempering furnace:

b. The heating structure of the induction furnace body is divided into overall heating, local heating, quenching or tempering heating, and quenching and tempering production lines.

c. Induction furnaces are divided into bar heating furnaces, steel plate heating furnaces, steel tube heating furnaces, long bar continuous heating furnaces, automatic bar heating furnaces, and temperature heating furnaces according to the heating workpieces.

2. Induction furnaces are used in metal smelting, and the commonly used industry is casting smelting. In the industry, it is usually called melting furnace, intermediate frequency melting furnace, one-to-two intermediate frequency melting furnace, etc.

According to the smelting materials, it is divided into metal smelting furnaces, intermediate frequency smelting furnaces, silver smelting furnaces, gold smelting furnaces, aluminum smelting furnaces, copper smelting furnaces, stainless steel smelting furnaces, titanium alloy smelting furnaces, etc.; Furnaces and smelting furnaces for non-magnetic materials.

Second, the induction furnace is classified according to the power structure:

1. The induction furnace is divided into six pulses, twelve pulses, twenty-four pulses, etc. according to the intermediate frequency power supply as a parallel inverter intermediate frequency power supply;

2. Induction furnaces are divided into single-power induction furnaces, dual-power induction furnaces and multi-power induction furnaces according to the intermediate frequency power supply as a series inverter intermediate frequency power supply; they are called one-to-one induction furnaces, one-to-two induction furnaces, and one-to-three induction furnaces. Electric stove.

The above is the basic classification of induction furnaces, I hope to help customers who want to order induction furnaces.

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Video of the use process of the furnace

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