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Luoyang Hongteng Shines at the 2023 Indonesia GIFA & METEC!

Author : Hongteng Time: 2023-09-20

Luoyang Hongteng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., a leading company specializing in the design, manufacturing and sales of complete equipment for the metal thermal processing industry, recently made a splash at the 2023 Indonesian GIFA/METEC.

Luoyang Hongteng at the 2023 METEC Indonesia

About Indonesia METEC 2023

METEC is the world’s leading trade fair for metallurgical technology. It consistently focuses on reflecting challenges in order to identify demands for the future. The world’s best experts in the metallurgical industry meet here to exchange ideas and experiences!

2023 METEC Indonesia

Hot Topics at METEC 2023

Given the current industry environment, a forward-looking GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST is on the horizon. With the EU’s Climate Protection Plan 2050, the metallurgical industry is now addressing hot issues and needs more than ever a strong communication platform for global exchange.

At the Exhibition

During the exhibition, Luoyang Hongteng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. attracted a large number of visitors with its leading metal induction melting technology and high-quality metal heat treatment equipment, including as many as 5 customers who signed contracts on site.

Customers successfully signing the contracts at the METEC Customers successfully signing the contracts at the METEC

The metal induction melting equipment exhibited by Luoyang Hongteng includes medium frequency induction steel melting furnaces, medium frequency induction aluminum melting furnaces, precious metal melting furnaces, etc. These products play an important role in the global scrap metal recycling field.

About Luoyang Hongteng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd

Since its establishment, Luoyang Hongteng has always adhered to the orientation of technological innovation and is committed to being a leading enterprise in the metal thermal processing industry, providing high-quality metal thermal processing equipment and system solutions to global customers. We have won a good reputation worldwide with its excellent product quality and professional services.

Luoyang Hongteng Induction Melting Furnace Luoyang Hongteng precious metal melting furnace

This participation in the METEC exhibition not only demonstrates the company’s strength and achievements, but also provides a rare opportunity for us to further expand the international market.

We will continue to strengthen technology research and development, improve equipment quality and service levels, actively expand domestic and foreign markets, further improve the industrial chain layout, promote industrial upgrading and transformation and upgrading, and create greater value for customers and society.

At Last

In general, we have achieved a series of results at the 2023 Indonesia METEC exhibition, demonstrating its leading position in the medium frequency metal melting equipment and scrap metal smelting industries. By participating in this exhibition, we not only enhanced its brand influence, but also laid a solid foundation for future development in the international market. We look forward to continuing to demonstrate its outstanding technical strength and innovation capabilities in future global competition.

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