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Maintenance Tips for Induction Furnaces

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-05-07

In the process of using the induction furnace, it is normal for faults to occur. Correct methods should be used for the judgment and maintenance of faults, which can shorten the maintenance time of the equipment and minimize the impact of equipment failures on production.

Therefore, it is necessary for maintenance personnel to constantly sum up experience in peacetime, be diligent in observation, and at the same time master some maintenance skills. Today we will introduce some maintenance skills related to induction furnace failures.

First, we need to understand the reasons for the failure of induction furnaces. The best way is to ask the on-site staff, including asking about the fault status of the smelting furnace, including the changes of environmental factors before and after the fault occurs, such as abnormal fluctuations in the switching power supply, load changes, etc.

According to the failure description of the melting furnace by the on-site personnel, analyze the reasons that may cause such failures, check the components that may cause the failure, analyze the feasibility of maintenance and repair, and formulate maintenance procedures for the furnace.

According to the parts of the damaged induction furnace components, according to the principle of the power supply circuit, find the damaged components and replace them.

We take the furnace body of a 3-ton smelting furnace as an example. The parts that need to be replaced are generally:

1. Intermediate frequency furnace coil;

2. Replace the non-water yoke;

3. Replace a set of contacts of the furnace change switch;

4. Provide new water cooling cables and cable head conversion interfaces;

5. Increase the detection function of the return water temperature of each branch of the furnace coil;

After replacing the parts and confirming that the faults of the furnace are cleared, turn on the power of the intermediate frequency furnace and check the operation of the equipment.

When the furnace works normally, start the system debugging of the induction furnace. After everything is completed, we can continue normal production.

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Video of the use process of the melting furnace

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