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Why Do Induction Furnace Capacitors Burn Out?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-05-06

Induction furnace is a modern smelting equipment, which can achieve rapid heating and heating using the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. And the method of use is also very convenient, so it occupies a place in many smelting equipment.

However, when many manufacturers use the intermediate frequency furnace, occasionally the capacitor will burn out. Today, the editor of Hongteng will analyze for you, what are the reasons for the burnout of the induction furnace capacitor?

During the use of the induction furnace, if the electric heating capacitor generates heat and smoke, the first thing to check is whether the capacitor has the phenomenon that the cathode is grounded. This phenomenon is generally caused by the breakdown of the capacitor shell caused by poor insulation of the electric heating capacitor.

If such phenomenon occurs, the insulation of the capacitor cabinet should be reprocessed.

In order to prevent the electric heating capacitor from heating and burning out, the general melting furnace equipment has a cooling system. However, the long-term use of the furnace may cause scale to form in the cooling pipe of the capacitive screen, or the cooling water inlet system may be blocked by debris, which will cause the electric heating capacitor to lack water, resulting in heat generation and burning.

Therefore, Hongteng editors here suggest that you must regularly check the flow rate of the hot cooling water at the capacitor point during the use of the furnace. If you find that the flow rate is too small, solve it immediately to avoid more serious failures.

In addition to the above reasons, the high voltage of the smelting furnace is also one of the reasons why the capacitor of the intermediate frequency furnace burns out. The general capacitor has its rated power, but during the use of the intermediate frequency furnace, if the electric furnace is adjusted too high, it exceeds the equipped electric heater. The rated power of the capacitor will also cause voltage breakdown, and then the capacitor will burn out.

The solution to this failure requires us to turn down the voltage of the melting furnace. If the voltage required for the operation is too high, we recommend replacing the electric heating capacitor with a model with a higher withstand voltage level.

This is the reason we shared today about the burnout of the melting furnace capacitor. As one of the important components of the power supply part of the furnace body, the capacitor must be checked more frequently, replaced frequently, and dealt with hidden safety hazards in time in the daily use process. Serious accidents, this can also improve the working efficiency of the induction furnace.

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Video of the use process of the melting furnace

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