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Working Principles of Medium Frequency Smelting Furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-09-23

KGPS SCR Medium Frequency Power Supply is a static frequency converter that can transform the Power Frequency Three-phase Power Supply to Medium Frequency Single-phase Alternative Current Power Supply through SCR, and are mainly being used for induction heating, induction melting and some other occasions that medium frequency power supply are needed. The working principle of induction heating is transferring the electric energy to metal that to be heated and then the electric energy will change into heat energy inside of the metal, while there is no direct contact between Induction Coil and the metal to be heated, and the energy is transferred through electromagnetic induction.

For those advantages of high efficiency, less weight, fast starting up and no impact, easily-adjusting and the frequency will track the variation of the load automatically, the KGPS SCR Medium Frequency Power Supply is replacing the Medium Frequency Generator gradually. This unit applied AC-DC-AC transforming system and consists of a three-phase Full-bridge Rectifier Circuit, Inductor Filter Circuit, and Parallel Inverter Circuit. Its SCR components are water-cooled and its control system consists of an integrated circuit which is stable and reliable. Applied the advanced zero-volt soft starting-up system, it’s safe, convenient, and economic and is the best choice for metal smelting, induction heating, and heat treatment.

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