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Medium frequency induction furnace smelting metal with common furnace body

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-12-02

Hongteng editors share with you some common cast metals and the types of furnaces most suitable for them. There are two main materials for induction furnaces: aluminum and steel.


As one of the more common cast metals, gold is used for a variety of primary functions. One is jewelry. No matter what type of jewelry you make, you will probably need to do some casting. Aluminum smelters may be the best choice for smelting gold, as the amount of gold usually required to be cast is lower than that of steel or other metals. Aluminum smelters typically heat up faster than their competitors, making them a perfectly efficient alternative to gold smelters.


Like gold, silver doesn’t usually melt in large quantities, so efficiency is key. This fact makes aluminum smelters generally a better choice for casting silver.


No matter what you use copper for, finding the right copper melting furnace is the key to a successful operation. A popular copper smelter is the aluminium of choice. Since copper is usually melted for its value, a smaller capacity is usually preferred, although each case is different.

If you have a large amount of copper that needs to be melted, the steel frame type may be your best choice because of its excellent insulation properties.


Like most metals, if you have a small amount of steel that needs to be melted, then the aluminum frame type may be your best bet for fast, efficient work. However, if you have a large quantity (which is common for steel needs), steel frame induction forging may be best.

The two common furnace bodies have steel shell furnace and aluminum shell furnace. If you don’t produce much metal, then there is no doubt that an aluminum smelting furnace will suit you well. If you have a large volume, then you need to consider using a steel induction melting furnace.

The service life of steel shell furnace is long, which can reach more than 10 years. Good magnetic conductivity, steel shell furnace node than aluminum shell furnace 3 to 5 percent. Steady casting point, can be a good casting Angle and speed. Good safety performance, good characteristics in the tonnage is greater than 2T above the choice of steel shell domain.

Aluminum shell furnace is simple in structure. Service life 5 to 8 years. Suitable for the capacity of less than 2 tons, no magnetic conductivity, furnace lining ejector mechanism, refractory clay layer, poor safety performance.

For example: a set of 5 tons of intermediate frequency furnace, full furnace molten iron, the overall weight of the equipment reaches 8 to 10 tons, such as the choice of aluminum shell structure, reducer rotary furnace body to 95 degrees, the whole furnace body will tilt forward, safety performance is very poor. Aluminum shell furnace is suitable for short – time conversion users, small tonnage.

The advantages of steel shell furnace are that it is sturdy and durable, beautiful and generous, the furnace body has a large capacity and a tough rigid structure. From the safety point of view of tilt furnace, we should try our best to use steel shell furnace.

The presence of furnace covers reduces heat loss and improves the safety of the equipment.

The service life of steel shell furnace is long, and the oxidation of aluminum shell is serious at high temperature, resulting in willful metal fatigue. In the casting site, we can often see the aluminum shell furnace that has been used for about a year, but the shell is in bad condition, the steel shell furnace has less magnetic leakage, and the service life of the steel shell furnace is much longer than that of the aluminum shell furnace.

Ordinary steel shell furnace than aluminum shell furnace will increase the power consumption of about 10%! If the user uses ordinary steel shell furnace, it may need hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity a year, and steel shell furnace needs many technologies to reduce the loss.

Steel shell furnace has high and low grade, the price of different configurations will be different by tens of thousands. And the price of steel shell furnace will be much more expensive than aluminum shell furnace.

Luoyang Hongteng is a professional manufacturer of electric furnaces, whether steel shell furnaces or aluminum shell furnaces, we can provide. That’s it for today. Consult more information about electric furnace, welcome to pay attention to Luoyang Hongteng.

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