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Furnace body of induction medium frequency furnace and smelted aluminum

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-11-30

The application of induction medium frequency furnace involves the heating, heat treatment and melting of metals. The application range of heating is in the forging, extrusion, hot rolling, shearing process of metal materials. Heating and the whole metal material tempering, annealing, tempering and other heat treatment.

The composition and configuration of induction if furnace is generally composed of IF power supply, electric heating capacitor, induction furnace body and feeding and discharging transmission device and temperature measuring equipment.

Internal protection of melting furnace:

The protection measures of copper alloy melting furnace power supply include main circuit short circuit, phase loss protection, high voltage and low voltage protection of power grid, high cooling water temperature, low water pressure, low cooling water flow protection, SCR over voltage, over current protection, DC through protection, inverter through protection, etc

Furnace body:

The furnace body of melting furnace is composed of welded steel shell, tilting mechanism of reducer, induction coil, stainless steel tie rod, refractory clay and so on.

The tilting mechanism of melting furnace adopts reducer system and is equipped with position and Angle sensors to provide signals to PLC.

Induction coil (inductor) : the extruded rectangular copper tube is wound on a special mold. After the coil is wound and shaped, it is coated with high temperature resistance and high voltage resistance insulating paint. After drying, the insulation grade reaches H.

The inner side of the inductor of the melting furnace is coated with 10 ~ 15mm refractory clay to form a permanent furnace lining.

This melting furnace is equipped with position and Angle sensors, can control the pouring speed and Angle of the furnace through the PLC control system, so as to control the pouring amount of copper alloy, deeply loved by the industry.

When an electric current flows through an induction coil, it creates a magnetic field. Applying an alternating current through this coil will cause the magnetic field to change direction at the same rate as the alternating current frequency.

When aluminum charges are added, Faraday’s law takes over. The induced voltage will cause a current to flow through the material in the magnetic field. When an electric current flows through a material, the motion of electrons is resisted.

When a current flows through them, materials that are more resistant to the flow of electrons give off more heat.

Heat is induced in the material of the product by an electric current. The heat from the product surface is then transferred through a heat-conductive material.

When the metal melts, the magnetic field also causes the molten pool to move. This is called induction stirring, and it mixes the bath to produce a more uniform mixture that helps alloying.

Water-cooling systems usually keep the coils cool, making them an excellent choice for aluminum melting.

Aluminum shavings are difficult to melt because, when added to most furnaces, they tend to float on the surface of molten aluminum.

Aluminum chip melting systems using conventional coreless induction furnaces can help overcome this problem through their inherent agitation. Stirring helps submerge and break down clumps of aluminum chips, allowing them to melt more efficiently than furnaces with little or no stirring.

Advantages of using induction melting technology to melt cast aluminum:

Induction furnace systems are smaller and have a more manageable footprint.

The induction heat source is the metal itself, which can improve the heating efficiency.

Induction melting furnace does not release gas, which can better protect the production environment.

Induction melting less waste heat, low noise, more suitable for staff operation.

When considering which furnace is best for your foundry, consider the benefits of induction smelting and whether the induction furnace is right for you.

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Video of the use process of the furnace

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