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Use medium frequency melting furnace, furnace body and electric cabinet cooling

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-11-25

Some users do not pay attention to the configuration of the water cooling system when using the melting furnace.

The water cooling system is also an important part of the intermediate frequency furnace, mainly plays the cooling of the intermediate frequency furnace and so on. The water cooling system includes the water pump, cooling tower, water tank and other components of the intermediate frequency furnace. The operation of the intermediate frequency furnace needs the cooperation of the water cooling device in order to play the maximum role.

Water cooling system is an important part of the whole equipment. There are three common circulating water arrangement ways: open cooling tower + pool, open cooling tower + plate exchange + pool, closed cooling tower.

Open cooling tower + pool

The cooling principle is to use the complete contact between circulating water and air, through convection heat transfer and evaporation, reduce the temperature of the remaining circulating water, and then fall to the lower pool.

This method is the simplest, and the initial investment is relatively small, but because of the need for the pool, so the overall layout of the entire factory covers a large area. And in the process of heat transfer between the circulating water and the air, all kinds of debris in the air will be mixed into the circulating water. Due to the evaporation of the pool, the concentration of impurities will be concentrated. In addition, algae and bacteria breed on the wall of the pool, which is easy to cause scaling and blockage of the pipeline.

Open cooling tower + plate exchange + pool

The circulating water is changed into two ways. The inner circulating water enters the production equipment and brings heat to the plate heat exchanger, while the outer circulating water is responsible for bringing heat to the atmosphere, which solves the problems of scale and algae.

The internal circulating water does not change, but the external circulating water will still have scale and algae problems.

This method of investment is more, and also covers a large area. At the same time, the double circulation pump has high energy consumption, and the water side is easy to block and scale and corrosion.

Closed cooling tower

This is a more reasonable method at present, circulating water in the tube bundle circulation, completely isolated from the outside world, internal circulating water no scaling, no evaporation, no algae, protect the furnace power supply and induction ring copper sleeve.

The external spray water can solve the scaling problem by adopting the timed discharge method, and the waste of water resources is not much.

But the initial investment of closed cooling tower is high, and professional pre-job training is needed for operators to master this method.

This is what we bring you today to share, users can choose the right solution according to their actual situation.

When we use electric furnace, we should pay attention to the cooling system, which will lead to excessive circulating water temperature, circulation system into debris, resulting in scaling and water plugging phenomenon, silicon burning, reactor burning these failures, causing unnecessary losses to the entire production line.

This is our share today, welcome to pay attention to Luoyang Hongteng, let us help you solve more questions about metal melting furnace.

Video of the use process of the furnace

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