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Application of medium Frequency Induction Furnace and Common Debugging Problems

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-11-23

Induction furnace is the most common application, is in the machinery manufacturing industry and metallurgy industry, so induction furnace specific uses?

Hongteng editor to introduce to you.

Quenching: the workpiece is heated to a certain temperature and then cooled down quickly, so that the metallographic structure of the workpiece has a certain change, in order to increase the hardness and wear resistance of the workpiece, known as quenching. However, after quenching, the workpiece will become very brittle and the fatigue resistance will become worse. In order to solve this contradiction, surface quenching technology is developed.

Induction heating is the most ideal heating method for surface quenching, which can meet the requirements of workpiece surface quenching by controlling the heating depth and heating time.

Diathermy: During the heating process, the internal and surface temperatures of the whole workpiece are roughly equal, which is called diathermy. Induction heating for dithermic heating has the advantages of high heating efficiency, fast speed, reduce metal burning loss, easy to control the temperature, to ensure the quality of heating, so it has been more and more widely used.

Smelting: When induction furnace is used for smelting, it has these advantages, can provide workers with a better working environment, high heating efficiency, less burning loss of alloying elements in the solution, easy control of the composition, high quality products, especially suitable for melting various high-grade alloy steel.

Sintering: Sintering is used in powder metallurgy, commonly used to make carbide cutting tools and other products. Induction heating is an ideal heating method for vacuum sintering, which can improve the quality of products.

From the analysis of the design of electric furnace, the heating speed is determined by the heating power of the intermediate frequency furnace, the material of the heating blank and the heating temperature. When these factors are determined, the heating speed of the intermediate frequency furnace will be determined.

Therefore, theoretically speaking, the heating speed of the intermediate frequency furnace is fixed. At this time, what will affect the heating speed of the electric furnace is the power output of the electric furnace.

In the normal use of the IF frequency furnace, the factors that affect the power output of the IF frequency furnace, and then the speed or heating speed of the if frequency furnace are as follows:

(1) The rectifier circuit of the intermediate frequency furnace is not properly adjusted, the DC voltage does not reach the maximum value, the rectifier tube is not fully switched on, and the DC voltage does not reach the rated value affecting the power output.

(2) If the if voltage of the furnace is too high or too low, it will affect the power output.

(3) The current limiting voltage, cut-off voltage and cut-off voltage values of the intermediate frequency furnace are not adjusted well, resulting in low power output. At this time, we need to adjust the current limiting potentiometer of the control board of the intermediate frequency furnace.

(4) IF furnace body and IF power supply does not match seriously affect the power output.

(5) If the compensation capacitor is configured too much or too little, the furnace body can not get the appropriate electrical and thermal rates during operation, and the best power output can not be achieved.

(6) If the distributed inductance of the output loop of the intermediate frequency furnace and the additional inductance of the resonant loop are too large, it will also affect the power supply and affect the high-power output.

When considering which furnace is best for your foundry, consider the benefits of induction smelting and whether the induction furnace is right for you. Not only do they save space, but they also reduce wastage, save energy, and melt the most commonly used metal types.

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