Hot selling product, can be customized medium frequency induction aluminum shell furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-11-21

We have had customers before, their raw materials are scrap steel, scrap iron and other scrap metal raw materials. They want to equip a mortal medium frequency induction furnace with a output of 150KG per hour.

We eventually equipped him with a hot product called a medium frequency aluminum shell furnace, which is used to melt steel, iron, metals, etc. Supporting equipment includes transformer, closed cooling tower, etc.

The final customer purchased a set of 150KG one container one furnace medium frequency melting furnace and N10T closed cooling tower

Product Features

1, melting furnace capacity 0.1T-20T, melting speed is fast, 40-60 minutes/furnace

2, the equipment with self-test function, real-time detection of water temperature, water pressure, overcurrent, overpressure, lack of equal fault information.

3, water use no carbon hose, all water dispenser and clip all use 304 stainless steel material.

4, can meet 24 hours continuous work, energy saving and environmental protection, reduce costs and labor costs

We also offered him a few tips.

1. Observe the condition of each instrument in the electric furnace

The simplest way to judge the lining life of intermediate frequency electric furnace is to observe the condition of each instrument when the intermediate frequency electric furnace is working. Such as the life of the furnace lining is about to expire, in the middle frequency furnace working process of the frequency meter, voltmeter, ammeter and other instruments will continue to swing. In this case, do not continue to use, after the end of the work, it is necessary to replace the furnace lining in time, otherwise it may cause damage to the equipment or personnel injury, gain is not worth the loss.

2. Listen to the working sound of the electric furnace

In addition to observing the instrument, listening to the running sound of the electric furnace is also a way to judge the lining life of the medium frequency electric furnace. First of all, the furnace worker is required to use the iron bar normal slag, such as contact with liquid iron when there is an obvious electric shock, then it is necessary to listen to the sound of the electric furnace working, such as the working sound is dull, the sound of liquid iron and normal working obviously changed, which proves that liquid iron may have been invading the lining, or even has broken down the lining. At this time, the liquid iron in the furnace should be disposed according to the situation, and the furnace lining should be replaced.

3. Judge the lining life of intermediate frequency electric furnace through the circuit

In addition to the above two methods of determining the lining life of the intermediate frequency furnace, there is another method. When the intermediate frequency furnace is started, the circuit sound becomes more dull than before. And at this time the circuit shell and other grounding body electrocution source will immediately stop working, this situation proves that the furnace lining has been broken down by liquid iron, please be sure to immediately cut off the power supply, and pour the liquid iron in the oven, so as not to cause greater losses.

After reading our case, if you are interested, you can estimate the metal bar material you need to deal with and the demand for capacity, and then communicate with us. We will according to your actual situation, for you to design a reasonable program, configuration of the appropriate production line.

Welcome to pay attention to us, let us provide you with more services about the furnace.

Video of the use process of the furnace

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