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The heating principle of medium frequency induction furnace and how to choose the right electric furnace?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-11-18

We talked about the heating principle of induction furnace.

When an electric current flows through an induction coil, it creates a magnetic field. Applying an alternating current through this coil will cause the magnetic field to change direction at the same rate as the alternating current frequency.

When aluminum charges are added, Faraday’s law takes over. The induced voltage will cause a current to flow through the material in the magnetic field. When an electric current flows through a material, the motion of electrons is resisted.

When a current flows through them, materials that are more resistant to the flow of electrons give off more heat.

Heat is induced in the material of the product by an electric current. The heat from the product surface is then transferred through a heat-conductive material.

When the metal melts, the magnetic field also causes the molten pool to move. This is called induction stirring, and it mixes the bath to produce a more uniform mixture that helps alloying.

A set of 5 tons of intermediate frequency furnace, when the furnace is full of molten iron, the overall weight of the equipment reaches 8 to 10 tons. If the aluminum shell structure is selected, the whole furnace body will tilt forward when the reducer rotates to 95 degrees, and the safety performance is very poor. Aluminum shell furnace is suitable for short – time conversion users, small tonnage.

The advantages of steel shell furnace are that it is sturdy and durable, beautiful and generous, the furnace body has a large capacity and a tough rigid structure. From the safety point of view of tilt furnace, we should try our best to use steel shell furnace.

The presence of furnace covers reduces heat loss and improves the safety of the equipment.

The service life of steel shell furnace is long, and the oxidation of aluminum shell is serious at high temperature, resulting in willful metal fatigue. In the casting site, we can often see the aluminum shell furnace that has been used for about a year, but the shell is in bad condition, the steel shell furnace has less magnetic leakage, and the service life of the steel shell furnace is much longer than that of the aluminum shell furnace.

Ordinary steel shell furnace than aluminum shell furnace will increase the power consumption of about 10%! If the user uses ordinary steel shell furnace, it may need hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity a year, and steel shell furnace needs many technologies to reduce the loss.

Steel shell furnace has high and low grade, the price of different configurations will be different by tens of thousands.

No matter what type of induction furnace your foundry requires, this type of induction furnace can offer specific advantages that other alternatives cannot match.

Induction furnaces are suitable for melting metals such as gold and silver, copper, aluminum, silicon, brass and zinc. Steel and iron can also be melted for industrial use.

They don’t require much space to run, making them ideal for foundries of all sizes. They are also more environmentally friendly than some alternatives. They are highly energy efficient, which means they do not adversely affect a company’s energy consumption, and they are ideal for foundries looking to reduce their environmental footprint in terms of production.

They have less combustion loss, higher overall yields, and are easier to automate than alternatives.

When considering which furnace is best for your foundry, consider the benefits of induction smelting and whether the induction furnace is right for you. Not only do they save space, but they also reduce wastage, save energy, and melt the most commonly used metal types.

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Video of the use process of the furnace

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