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What are the hidden dangers of using medium frequency induction furnace?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-11-16

If the frequency induction furnace operation site uses a variety of equipment, multiple types of work at the same time, prone to sudden accidents, the risk is large, once the failure can be quickly taken emergency measures, control the accident, avoid expansion.

Then the following Xiaobian will give you a summary of what are the general accident risks of intermediate frequency furnace and the corresponding preventive measures that enterprises should be familiar with.

Hidden dangers of accidents

1, induction furnace hot metal overflow

The hot metal is too full + cover + full power + exhaust resulting in overflow to bellows, bellows burning leakage, burning sensor, burning dust collector cloth bag.

Furnace nozzle repair is not good, pouring hot metal overflow into the bellows, bellows burning leakage, burning sensor, burning dust collector cloth bag.

2. Leakage furnace in the middle of furnace body

Building furnace stratification, pour clean stop furnace, hot expansion and cold contraction.

Ferromagnetic material was mixed into the furnace material.

Partial furnace lining too thin wear.

3, furnace bottom wear

Long-term low temperature insulation form black cover, plus excessive power.

There are some reasons for the furnace bottom thinning of intermediate frequency furnace, as well as the comprehensive results of hot metal too full, excessive power, static pressure and dynamic load.

Quench crack — caulk after feeding — quench drill into molten iron.

4. Explosion

Scrap steel is mixed with airtight containers, oil drums, bombs.

In case of an accident, pour molten iron in front of a pit with standing water.

Dealing with molten iron is the same work with high risk factor, in close contact with molten iron working conditions, some inherent risk factors are impossible to completely eliminate.

Below we introduce to you the emergency measures in the face of the intermediate frequency furnace accident.

Ii. Emergency measures for intermediate frequency furnace accidents

1. Furnace leakage accident

Cut off the melting power supply.

Monitor the water temperature and pressure closely.

Lift the front pit cover with a cart or fork.

Oil cylinder or tilting furnace (overloading when full).

Put cold material and cover waste sand to prevent radiation from burning water pipes

2. Water pressure alarm

Immediately investigate the cause of the accident and troubleshoot it.

Cut off the melting power supply and put in cold material cooling.

If the water pump is faulty, switch the water pump immediately.

If the accident develops rapidly, you can first use the tap water switch emergency.

3. Power failure emergency plan

When the induction furnace suddenly fails, the generator set can be started by itself. If the self-inspired generator fails, use manual start or use tap water to switch the emergency input cold material cooling.

4. Explosion emergency plan

Under the premise of ensuring the safety of life, everyone should stick to his post to prevent the expansion of accidents.

Cut off melting power and monitor cooling water.

After the furnace is stabilized, the follow-up work can be handled step by step.

To solve this problem and ensure safe production, we need to check the equipment regularly and complete the daily maintenance of the equipment.

Welcome to pay attention to our Luoyang Hongteng, for you to solve more problems about the use of melting furnace.

Video of the use process of the furnace

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