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Metal smelting equipment, medium frequency induction furnace heated by electricity

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-12-23

Melting furnaces are available in different sizes. Induction furnaces usually take up less space and are therefore suitable for foundries of all sizes. You will find the induction furnace capacity choice is very large. The foundry requirements you need to guide the size of the induction furnace you purchase.

Control characteristics of melting furnace

In addition, the ideal induction furnace for sale will have a temperature control feature that allows you to adjust the furnace’s power supply. Metals have different melting points. For example, steel melts at 1370 ℃. Therefore, controlling the power consumed by the induction furnace will help you melt the metal at the proper melting point. This will ensure that you produce a quality product. Before purchasing an induction furnace for sale, ensure that you are satisfied with the control features of the induction melting furnace for sale.

Oxidation loss Ideally, a used induction furnace should have a low oxidation rate. This means less waste is produced in the smelting process, which increases productivity. If the oxidation rate of the induction furnace is high, you will not only produce less equipment, but you will also produce a lower quality product.

Furnace shell

Induction furnace shell must be in good condition, good quality. A loose shell could lead to a catastrophic accident. If there are some loose parts in the furnace shell, your employees could suffer serious and life-threatening burns. A durable and high quality shell will maintain the quality of the furnace even under continuous heavy use.

The cost of induction furnace

There are many factors that come into play when determining the cost of an induction furnace. The size, model, and purpose of the induction furnace will greatly affect the cost Ideally, you should first ensure that the induction furnace is tailored to your needs and is in good condition. Finally, the ideal induction furnace should be easy to control and install.

Induction furnace benefits

No matter what type of induction furnace your foundry requires, this type of induction furnace can offer specific advantages that other alternatives cannot match.

Induction furnace is suitable for melting metals such as gold and silver, copper, aluminum, silicon, brass and zinc. Steel and iron can also be melted for industrial use.

They don’t require much space to run, making them ideal for foundries of all sizes. They are also more environmentally friendly than some alternatives. They are highly energy efficient, which means that they do not adversely affect a company’s energy consumption, and they are ideal for foundries that want to reduce their environmental footprint in terms of production.

They have less combustion loss, higher overall yields, and are easier to automate than alternatives.

When considering which furnace is best for your foundry, consider the benefits of induction smelting and whether the induction furnace is right for you. Not only do they save space, but they also reduce wastage, save energy, and melt the most commonly used metal types.

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Video of the use process of the furnace

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