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Precautions for Furnace Melting Operation

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-06-06

Regarding the use of induction furnaces, there are many things to pay attention to during smelting operations. The editor of Hongteng summed up some knowledge in this area and shared it with you today.

Pig iron: For the medium frequency induction furnace with the advantage of rapid smelting, it is agreed that it is better to add pig iron in the early stage of smelting. This is because the shape of pig iron is relatively consistent, and it is easy to obtain high induced current, which is beneficial to improve the smelting speed.

Recarburizer: For intermediate frequency electric furnace, it is best to gradually add recarburizer when the metal charge is added. If it is added too early, the recarburizer will adhere to the vicinity of the furnace bottom; if it is added too late, it will not only delay the adjustment of the melt composition in the furnace, but also may cause excessive heating errors.

Ferrosilicon: The higher the Si content in the molten iron, the slower the carburization rate is when the carburizer is added. Therefore, for the medium frequency induction furnace with weak stirring force, it is better to add ferrosilicon later. Adding too early, the metal charge has not yet melted, will also have the opposite effect of promoting oxidation.

Metal charge: The induction furnace is used for smelting, although no frit is needed, if the charge is filled from the beginning of the power-on, the load of the equipment will increase and the frequency conversion will be hindered. In addition, the parallel variable frequency intermediate frequency induction furnace produces disordered frequency changes when it is in a high load state. For this reason, it is better to add the metal charge one by one.

Precautions when heating up: When heating up the electric furnace, in order to avoid the change of the properties of the molten iron during this period, the furnace cover should be closed as much as possible to prevent the surface of the molten iron from dissipating heat and achieve rapid heating.

From the point of view of safety, do not add the charge in the later stage of melting, because pig iron with rust and moisture is added to a large amount of molten iron that has been heated up. When it is immersed in the depth of the molten iron, it will explode and cause the molten iron to splash. .

This is what we share about the smelting operation of the induction furnace today, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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